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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. We can simply call it internet marketing. By doing SEO
of a website we actually advertize it over the internet, just like we advertize our business by placing
hoardings and banners in real life. The main purpose of doing SEO is to increase the visibility of our
website within search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and many others. Here in this we’ll talk about
some positive and fair SEO techniques which will guide you enough.

Everyone who has a website wants to know “How he can increase organic traffic?” for his own site.
Unfortunately in the market many people are using Black Hat Techniques for SEO. The search engines
discourage these techniques and consider them as spam. That’s why the website never gets the
required traffic. Many of us don’t even know how to differentiate between black hat and white hat
techniques. We always take care of using white hat techniques in our SEO services. Some of white hat
techniques are mentioned below to make the difference clearer for the reader.

1. Website Title Tag:

The first step of SEO starts when you start to develop your website. In the web site programming
source codes you can find many codes known as Meta tags. These codes are normally description
and keyword tags. Among these tags the standard one is known as Title tag. It is technically different
from the Meta tags. When a user searches for something related to your website the search engines
first hits your title tag, if it is related to user’s interest it will be queued for display. That’s why the
Title tag must be selected with a lot of care.

2. Meta Tags:

After selecting Title tag, there are two Meta tags involved in the source code. These are description
and keyword tags. They decide what a user will read after having your website link as a search
result. Here the user will decide whether or not he’s going to open your website. These tags must
contain a brief description of your website and its all features to attract the user.

3. Images with Alt Attributes:

The images with alt attributes also play an important role in SEO. They strengthen the ranking of
your website within a search engine. If your image is related to the content available the search
engines increases the visibility of your website. The descriptive alt attributes in the source code
gives you a better chance get higher rank in search engine. These descriptive attributes also help
those who are visually impaired. They can’t see your images but they can have their description with
the help of these alt attributes.

4. Relevant Content:

The relevant content must be there on your page to attain a permanent traffic. It is the most
important factor in SEO. It observed that the websites which don’t contain the content relevant
to their title start losing traffic immediately. They just get casual traffic and once this traffic goes

through it never come back again. The content must be relevant to keywords and title of the page.

5. Link Building:

Here the actual SEO starts when we share links with other websites and forums. Google keeps on
changing its algorithm that determines the page rank. The major factor on which page rank depends
on is how many links point back to your website. For this purpose you share the links with other
blogs and websites. In sharing you must keep it in mind that the websites you’re sharing the links
with must contain genuine and quality content. Only it will increase the worth and trust of your link.

6. Social Media:

Social media is also very famous these days. It is the most effective way of sharing your ideas with
the world at large. These social websites i.e. Face book, Twitter and Linked-In provide you a chance
to interact with internet world personally. Here you can prove yourself and show others what
you’ve brought for them. The social bookmarking and posting of your websites encourages other
people to visit your place.

Besides the above mentioned there are many other techniques that can be shared for the sake of
quality SEO. Many white hat techniques are there to get genuine organic traffic without having a
headache of spamming. Our SEO services believe in white hat and genuine techniques.

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